37-42, Maeyeo-ro 1gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

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  • 2D and 3D FEM and analytical electromagnetic calculations.
  • 2D and 3D FEM and analytical stress calculations.
  • 2D and 3D FEM and analytical thermal calculations.
  • Coil cooling calculations.
  • Cryogenic calculations.
  • Support frame calculations


  • Designs standard and custom-built resistive magnets, reaching from small correctors to very large magnets 2D and 3D is used for magnetic field modeling.
  • We also designs the Cryogenics and vacuum chambers for our magnets.
  • KR TECH and make safe and reliable superconducting magnets.
  • KR TECH can make any design study or measurement of existing magnets


  • Our workshop have all manufacturing facilities necessary, winding machines, vacuum system, oven, inert gas oven and all measurement equipment.
  • To produce the components for fusion experiments or accelerators, or to enable their use, specialized tools or machines are very often required.
  • KR TECH offers complete magnet systems including vacuum chambers, supporting stands and matching power supplies.


  • Dipole magnets, Quadrupole magnets, Multipole magnets, Spectrometer systems, Kickers, Septums and Bumper magnets, Scanning magnets.
  • Room temperature and superconducting magnets


MAGNETS for particle accelerators


  • Design and Manufacturing of 7 Tesla superconducting magnet for KAERI.
  • Design and Manufacturing of Helmholtz type Superconducting magnet for KEK.
  • Design and manufacturing of 28Ghz ECR Ion Source Superconducting magnet for KBSI.
  • Design and manufacturing of Quadrupole(45sets), Sextupole(10sets), Septum(2sets), Steering(47sets), and Bending magnet(2sets) for Heavy Ion Accelerator of Cancer Therapy in Yamagata University.
  • Design and manufacturing of Quadrupole(40sets), Steering magnet(15sets) for Heavy Ion Accelerator of Cancer Therapy in Kobe Children Hospital.
  • Design and manufacturing of Bending and Quadrupole magnets for Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan.
  • Design and manufacturing of Quarupole(33sets), Dipole magnet(33sets) for XFEL of PAL.
  • Design and manufacturing of 13MeV cyclotron magnet for BATAN Indonesia.
  • Design and manufacturing of Quadrupole(7sets), Sextupole(10sets), Septum(2sets), Steering(15sets), and Bending magnet(2sets) for Kanagawa Cancer Center.
  • Design & Manufacturing of Dipole magnet for KEK.
  • Design and manufacturing of Quadrupole(32 sets), Sextupole(32sets), Steering magnet(7sets) for Nagoya University Synchrotron facilities.
  • Design and manufacturing of sextupole magnet(52sets) for PLS2 of PAL.
  • Design and manufacturing of Klystron magnet(8sets) for PAL.