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Cyclotron magnet has been used to produce short-lived radioactive isotopes in the field of radiology and nuclear medicine, to examine nuclear medicine, to study basic material phenomena in physics, to study gene manipulation, an obstacle of radiation to human body, new life materials in life science, and to examine non-destructive neutron radiography units, minute thin membrane analysis system, abrasion rate of automobile engine, semiconductor ion injection system, new material development, and damage to semiconductor devices in the industrial field.

  • 13MeV Magnet

    • 200A, 50V ,45kW, 77.3MHz, 18ton
    • In,outdia. : 1m /1.5m
    • Size : 1.6m(T),1.3(W)
    • Coil weight : 900kg
    • Field : 1.7 Tesla
  • 30MeV Magnet

    • In,Outdia. : 1.7m /2.1m
    • Size : 2m(3m)-H, 3m-W
    • Coil weight : 2.2ton
    • Total weight : 50ton
  • Superconducting Cyclotron Magnet

    • 250A, 3V, 3Tesla
    • In,Outdia. : 0.76m /1.05m
    • Height : 2.2m
    • Wire : NbTi, 4,494m x 2coils
    • Weight : 25ton