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  • Particle Accelerator Magnet

    KR TECH designs and manufactures resistive and superconducting electromagnets for particle accelerators of all types.
    The company provides a complete electromagnetic engineering, design, manufacture, and test service.

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  • Superconducting Magnets

    For magnetic fields of 5-9 Tesla at 4.2k, our supererconducting coils are wound from multifilamentary NbTi copper composite conductor, bonded in epoxy. This process provides maximum stability, and is guaranteed to eliminate flux jumping and associated heat generation.

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  • Medical Magents

    Cyclotron magnet has been used to produce short-lived radioactive isotopes in the field of radiology and nuclear medicine, to examine nuclear medicine, to study basic material phenomena in physics, to study gene manipulation, an obstacle of radiation to human body, new life materials in life science, and to examine non-destructive neutron radiography units, minute thin membrane analysis system, abrasion rate of automobile engine, semiconductor ion injection system, new material development, and damage to semiconductor devices in the industrial field.

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  • Solennoid Coils Solar

    KR TECH manufactures for many companies around the world breaking into this new source of energy. The implanted solar panel is at least 7% more efficient than the previous panels, thus making solar a lot more cost effective for the consumer.

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