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Manufacturing Process

Design & Manufacture Magnets for particle accelerators | KR TECH

Design includes 2-D and 3-D magnetic and beam trajectory modelling and 3-D solid modelling design capability, plus full prototype capability and design for manufacture on Ansys Multiphysics and Mermaid
For each commission a project leader is chosen and a project team is set up. Regular project meetings are held to ensure that all the involved staff have complete and up-to-date information in order to fulfill the customer’s requirements.
We have a range of winding machines suitable for all kinds of coils. Winding is carried out with great care and in a clean environment.
Coil manufacturing includes epoxy vacuum moulding in order to meet the highest quality demands, including high radiation resistance.
Brazing is only made by experienced personnel who have proven high quality at our regularly performed tests.
Stacking of laminated yokes is carried out in-house. Solid yokes are manufactured in collaboration with well-known partners suitable for the specific type of machining.
Assembly of magnets is made with highest care in order to meet the strict mechanical tolerances normally required.
Equipment for the measurement of magnetic fields includes a computer-controlled hall probe bench as well as rotating coil systems for different apertures.
To assure the highest quality and to meet our clients’ greatest expectations, KR TECH follows a schedule of testing and inspection in accordance with our quality system. Every part of the process is documented in project files.